Monday, August 19, 2013

My AHA Design Moment

Hi, everyone.

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I was working on a set of holiday cards similar to the one on the right (and the top card shown below) when I came upon an AHA moment.

I don't often go into mass-production mode. Most of my cards are one-time deals. But, when I made the card at the right, I thought it might make for a nice set of cards for OWH. So, I cut the papers on the top, stamped and embossed the sentiments, cut the papers on the bottom, and adhered the ribbons. Next up, punch out a bunch of black hexagons (for the base layer of hexagons) and arrange these on the page and... AHA!!!

It was amazing how different the card looked before the color hexagons were placed on top of the black ones. The lack of color made it so easy to decide where to place each hexagon. For whatever reason, this dark contrast really helped me focus on the layout. Planning on giving this a try on future projects.

top card: not finished, but one step further in the process
bottom card: base layers in black that helped me focus on the design

 Parting Thoughts

That's it for today.

Have a great week. Thanks for visiting and happy scrappin'!

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