Monday, August 12, 2013

A More Unified Look

Hi, everyone.

Today was another wonderful installment of Paula's OWH Design Bootcamp. This month's topic was about creating a more cohesive relationship between a card's elements or, in other words, the principle of unity.

Original Card
Paula challenged us old-timers to go back to a past card and think about how we would rework the design to create more unified look. I have to admit this was rather painful. At the time that I made the card at the right, I thought it was a pretty good little card. After all, I had created an adorable free-handed ghost -- with brads for eyes, nonetheless, and a clever computer-generated sentiment. What's not to like?

Well, as it turns out, there's quite a bit not to like, starting with three "focal points" spread around the card: ghost, pumpkins, and sentiment.

 The Reworked Layout

In the revised layout, I'm going with:
  • a much better defined focal point,
  • bigger elements,
  • a strip of paper that pops the sentiment,
  • a physical connection among the ghost, sentiment, and pumpkins, and
  • a few (odd in number) brads under the sentiment to give it a little extra emphasis.

One thing I did get right in the original was creating a contrast by placing the ghost on dark color paper. Seems like a good thing to keep in the revision.

Parting Thoughts

The original card had a few Stickles -- an OWH no-no. This may have been a card made for nephews, although I made the mistake of using Stickles on some of my OWH first generation cards. :(

Thanks, Paula and Sandy, for another fabulous Bootcamp session. I've really learned so much this year. Hope it shows in the revised sketch!

Thanks for stoppin' and happy scrappin'!


papermorsels said...

Thanks for sharing your re-do! I think the new sketch looks great! :)

Paula S. said...

Sybrina your reworked design is great! I'm delighted to see you sketched it out like you did... it shows your thinking perfectly and every thing you've touched on in terms of what you'd change and why is spot on! I'm glad that you've been enjoying the Bootcamps thanks for joining in on this one too.