Thursday, February 21, 2013

Focal Point Hearts -- Takes 2 and 3

Hi everyone,

First of all, thanks to all those who hosted stops on last weekend's VCMP!  The challenges were so much fun!

And, thanks to everyone who visited here. Special thanks to those who left comments. The patriotic chevron card and the diffused-embossed gear card seemed to be the crowd favorites.

I'm so excited that I won the blog candy at the Desert Rose Stamper -- whose challenge was to make a card in white and/or cream. Looks like some lovely lace and embellishments are headed my way!  :)

Focal Point Card -- Take One

cardstock: AC and Distress Ink core; original heart pattern created in Word
tools: Sizzix ef, crimper, sander; embellishments: Recollections brads

Note: Wish the image did justice to the colors. The red is a much richer red.
The brads are a much deeper blue, about the same color as the cardstock.

I posted the card at the right for OWH's Design Bootcamp Focal Point Challenge. Silly me... I actually thought it had a strong focal point. :)

While Paula agreed that her eye first went to the heart element, she felt a little "tension" with regard to the
3 stars.

She suggested that a larger blue rectangle around the heart element might help make that element an even stronger focal point.

Focal Point Card -- Take Two

Aside from swapping out the brads, I kept most of the elements exactly the same in the card below. (I did have to use a slightly different neutral because I was all out of the one used on the first card.) 

As you will see, I tweaked the dimensions of several of the elements. Even though I'm waiting official word from Paula, this focal point feels much stronger to me. But I'm wondering if it's possible for a focal point to be too strong... And, if yes, is this focal point so strong that it is overpowering?

Focal Point Card -- TakeThree

For this week's Midweek Throwdown Fun Folds Challenge, I made a brad-less version of the card, again keeping many of the elements the same. I did add a red square behind the heart element to tie in the red of the heart.

This card feels like it has a really strong focal point. But, it seems like it might be easier to make a strong focal point with a symmetrical card. 

Parting Thoughts

So, what do you think about these three cards? Is there one that appeals to you more than the others? What is it that you like about it? (Hubby's review was the same for all three -- "nice".)

I loved how all three of this week's OWH posts were interrelated: Design Bootcamp Focal Point,Tuesday Tutorial featuring techniques that produce strong focal points, and Midweek Throwdown Fun Folds that can produce strong focal points. Nice job, Paula, Nancy and Jan!  :)

Working from home tomorrow. So, it feels kind of like the weekend. Hope your weekend is a good one.

Happy scrappin'!  

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