Monday, December 19, 2011

My Most Treasured Gift...

Mom loved Christmas. She lovingly created memories that have lasted a lifetime -- starting with coming home from school to freshly-baked cookies right out of the oven, culminating in the opening of that one special gift, and everything joyful inbetween.

Christmas Day 1987 was poised to be a most special Christmas. It was the second Christmas my husband and I had hosted both of our families for Christmas dinner. And, Mom and I truly rejoiced in the day's events -- cherishing every moment. As an added bonus, Mom looks radiant in our photographs from that day -- even though she usually took terrible pictures.

How could I know a life-changing moment was about to happen? How could we have known that would be our last day together? There are times that even today it's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that my mom died in a car accident shortly after leaving our house that night.

The grief was immeasurable -- as were the blessings that came into our lives through the love and kindness of family and friends. Getting through the year was the toughest thing I have ever done. I had no idea how I was going to handle the Christmas season.

And then came the gift -- a simple, heartfelt sentiment handwritten at the bottom of a Christmas card from a fellow teacher and his wife. Denise had written, "May your most treasured gift this holiday season be your memories of Christmases past."

Sadly, a colleague at work recently lost a parent. Tonight I made the card below to give to her. And, as with every Christmas card I've sent over the years to a loved one or friend who has lost a parent, or spouse, or child, I have passed along Denise's words of comfort and joy.

"May your most treasured gift this holiday season be your memories of Christmases past."
This holiday season, live in the moment, cherish time spent with loved ones, and treasure memories of Christmases past.


Lee Mae said...

Sybrina, What a sweet though sad story about your Mom. Blessings to you for passing along the comfort you received from your friend. May you have a wonderful Christmas.

Carol L said...

I'm so sorry for the way you lost your mother. That had to be heartbreaking for all of you, but the sentiment your friend put on your card is perfect for such a situation. I made a copy of it and added it to my quotes because it's beautiful! Your card is lovely and will surely bring comfort to the recipient as well.
You asked how I made the wreath on my door card. I used this punch:

The punch is retired, so if you can still get one, don't delay! It was really easy to do. I punched a 1-1/4"circle in a scrap of cardstock, then punched around the outside with a 1-3/8" punch, giving you a ring to glue the ferns onto! Just start with one, and keep adding until you have a little wreath! Good luck, and thanks for leaving such a nice comment :)

sandybear76 said...

What a lovely story. I'm adding the sentiment to my collection. My mom passed away 10 years ago and I still think of something I want to ask and pick up the phone to call her.