Wednesday, December 26, 2012

As Quick as One, Two, Three

Hi everyone,

When I first read CAS-ual Friday's challenge to make a holiday card in 10 minutes, my first three thoughts were:
  1. Really?
  2. Really!
  3. REALLY?!
My fourth thought was about a scrapbooking convention that a friend and I went to years and years ago. One of the sessions was something about making an album in a day. When the presenter said it wasn't necessary to spend hours on a page -- that minutes could do, my friend and I looked at each other in complete amazement. You see we didn't spend hours on a page. No, not us. We spent days on a page. LOL.  

So, my initial reaction to this challenge was pretty much the same. Then, I thought what the heck. Let's give this a try. And, three quick steps resulted in my first 2013 Christmas card. :)

Step 1: Emboss.
Step 2: Add brads.
Step 3: Adhere embossed image, attached to several layers of black cardstock.

AC textured black cardstock
white cardstock heat-embossed with gold powder
Hero Arts tree heat-embossed with green powder

What really excited me about this card was the way the embossing turned out. This was the first time that I tried embossing on top of embossing. The scan doesn't really do the card justice because the base has a great texture and the gold embossing is really spectacular. The tree turned out pretty well. To keep within the 10-minute limit, I didn't allow myself to obsess about the gold that was peeking through the tree's boughs and told myself it was okay to move on to Steps 2 and 3  :)

I'm pretty intrigued by the the idea of setting time limits for cards. I used this strategy when making the cards I wrote about in my last post and they turned out okay. Hmmm... Maybe this needs to be a resolution....

Parting Thoughts

Hope to post a Miss You card for this week's  OWH Midweek Throwdown. Also hoping to make this year's birthday cards for family and friends before heading back to work. Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by and happy scrappin'!


sandybear76 said...

I understand the length of time working on a layout. The girls I cropped can make 2 double layouts in 5 hours whereas I have a limit that I have to do 4-5 double layouts in the same time. We all enjoy our crafting and our layouts and being with each other. I have lots of photos on my layouts and they have more embellishments that need a bit more time to get on straight.

Karen B. said...

I thought the same things too! I think your card turned out wonderful, and I like the gold. Thanks for playing at CAS-ual Fridays!