Saturday, September 10, 2011

OWH Birthday Bash -- Falling For You

Welcome, card makers!  And, Happy Birthday, OWH!

So, what do you think of when you hear the phrase, "Falling for You"?
  • Perhaps your thoughts go to the holidays and a wintry card of falling snowflakes.
  • Maybe you picture a romantic, "falling in love" card with valentine hearts and Cupid's arrows.
  • Or, maybe you visualize something totally quirky, like a monkey slipping on a banana peel.
The phrase came to me when I was making autumn cards for OWH.  With college football games on tv, a nip in the air, and papers of orange, yellow, and rust all around me, falling leaves just felt right. 

"Falling for You" was made using leaf stickers from Reminisce's Harvest collection, paper from Creative Memories' Bountiful designer print pack, and a computer-generated sentiment (Mistral font on white paper rubbed with pastels to soften the paper's appearance) -- with a taupe-colored ribbon for extra texture and shimmer.
Now it's your turn to make the phrase your own.

No rules -- other than using the phrase "Falling for You." -- and no time limit. And, apologetically, no candy. This is my first time hosting an OWH event. I'll know better next time. :)

Can't wait to see what everyone creates! Happy scrapping to all and thanks for stopping!

(BTW If you have a minute, please check out the May posts about an amazing OWH card-making event in Central Ohio.)


Linda said...

Love your card(super duper colors)! Great challenge theme! I love the VCMP is so much more interactive!

Linda said...

What a great challenge... and really pretty card.

Sheila said...

Great challenge and a very pretty card!


Lee Mae said...

Love the theme and your card is gorgeous! Especially like that ribbon on the left and the leaves in different sizes really look like they are falling.

Joanne Travis said...

Love your challenge, thank you!

Nancy Keller said...

Loved this challenge. I am sort of cheating and combining it with #4 because I am behind :( What lovely examples you have here!

Carol L said...

Great challenge, even if I did interpret it in a strange way :) I love falling leaves, or fall in general, so any image you'd find in autumn I'd considering falling into fall :) Love the card you made with those pretty leaves too!

Ann said...

I love your card!! I had a hard time choosing a theme, it's a great challenge with alot of options!


So many wonderful ideas...thank you all for sharing.